Pension and actuarial advice

Phenox Consultants provides insight into the complex matter of pensions. Thus, we help you as entrepreneurs, works councils and pension funds to make better decisions and realise corporate goals. 

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Our methods

1. We will map out your situation

We will begin with a meeting in which we will map out your situation and your wishes. Because only after having proper knowledge of your situation will we be able to provide you with good advice. If so desired, we will perform a benchmark for your current pension agreements with respect to the market. And we will determine if the rate you are paying is competitive.

2. You will receive advice on the best solution

With a clear overview of your situation and your wishes, we will begin finding the solution that is most favourable to you. For example, based on your current or new pension scheme and execution agreement, we will create a projection for the expected pension premium for the next decade.

3. We will find the best provider for you

Subsequently, we will look for a fitting product. We will compare a number of pension products and see which pension products fit you and your situation. Our preference lies with working with a number of providers.

4. We help you with the contract

We provided advice and now it is time for you to make a decision. We will record all agreements in legal documents and ensure that agreements are recorded correctly and are executed.

5. We provide contract maintenance

Contracts often have a long runtime, but your situation might change. It is possible that the product you chose will no longer fit your situation in the future. Over the course of the contract, you are entitled to information about other important changes to the product. Outside of this, we will also gladly provide maintenance activities after the contract has been entered into. We can talk about what we can do for you and we will gladly help you.  

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