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Phenox Consultants specialises in pension and benefits policy with a special focus on employee motivation and good entrepreneurship of our clients. Because we believe in pensions that are favourable to all, both the employer and the employee.

Pension plans are the most underestimated working condition. And nevertheless the interests and financial risks are enormous. That is why we help organisations ranging from corporate to SME with our expertise in the field of pensions and employee insurance schemes.   


Does a pension issue require thorough actuarial knowledge? We love a challenge and have ample actuarial knowledge and experience.

What can we help you with?

Pension advice

Our actuarial consultants with their extensive experience will gladly give advice on pension schemes, pension funds, and pension legislation. National, international, and a combination thereof. You can use our consultation for harmonisation processes, pension advice or the selection of a pension provider.

International accounting

As a service provider in an international global network, Phenox Consultants knows that local expertise is vital for multinationals. Whether it concerns international accounting, communication, or development and implementation of an international pension strategy. Phenox Consultants is glad to be of assistance to multinationals in the changing Dutch pension landscape. Phenox Consultants is an expert in valuation of pensions and other benefits for the annual accounts. Thanks to decades of experience and smart tooling, we will gladly take care of your annual mandatory reports in accordance with a range of different guidelines (e.g. IFRS (IAS19R), ASC-715 (previously FAS), RJ271). When changing pension schemes, we will actively provide input on the consequences for the reports.

We have a lot of experience with cross-border consolidations. Hence, you can count on our help with communicating about the pension results with your head office and what a statutory change of scheme could mean for the annual accounts.

You can use our consultation for harmonisation processes, pension advice or the selection of a pension provider.

Phenox Consultants is an independent pension consultancy firm and ensures that you are offered the best possible terms on the market.

Choice of pension provider

Is your provision agreement ending soon? We will gladly select the best possible pension provider for you. Phenox Consultants is an independent pension consultancy firm and ensures that you are offered the best possible terms on the market. This can result in considerable savings for you. In the enormous mix of insurers, General Pension Funds (GPF) and Premium Pension Institutions (PPI) we can help you find a solution that is best for your company.

Audit and compliance

Outsource audit and compliance to Phenox Consultants and you can be entirely ensured that the insured pension claims are accurate. And the same applies to the premiums and costs that have been charged. We will also take note of which legislation will change for you and will provide advice on any necessary changes to your pension scheme.

Execution of your terms of employment

Our Employee Benefits services ensure spotless and efficient execution of your human capital and pension policy. You can place the insurance of working conditions, administration, administration inspection, premium calculations and communication in our care with confidence. Phenox Consultants will take care of your benefits. We do this in a clear and efficient manner, so pressure is taken off your HR department and there is a sense of calm on the work floor. We will gladly organise employee insurance schemes, such as pension, incapacity for work and medical expenses for you. Or you can use as a pension office where we are the intermediary between you as the employer and the participants and pension provider. We will naturally ensure meticulous administration and clear communication.

Changing your pension scheme

Are you changing the pension scheme for tax reasons? This could have consequences for the terms of employment. What are the consequences for your pension strategy? How much is a lower pension worth? How will you compensate an employee? Phenox Consultants is at your service for all these issues. We will determine the scope of the pension damage and will suggest a balanced compensation method so you can keep your employees satisfied.


Communication about pensions and terms of employment is important. Not simply because of the duty of care, but also to ensure that your employees appreciate the secondary benefits. Clear communication ensures a calm work floor and increases employee satisfaction. Phenox Consultants provides communication in individual and collective sessions, written and face to face.

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