Pension fund consultation

As a pension fund, you are constantly dealing with changes in legislation and regulations and the consequences thereof for your policy. How can you, as a pension fund, handle these changes efficiently and correctly? What does the future of your fund look like? Does the pension scheme still meet the wishes of new generations? Phenox Consultants will gladly be of service both in terms of strategic policy-making and operational matters. 

Feasibility study for pension funds

The feasibility study for pension funds is mandatory since 2015. Phenox Consultants can do the feasibility study for you with the help of our own tool developed in-house. Thanks to this tool, our short lines of communication with the pension administrator and our extensive experience, we can provide the feasibility study at a very good rate.

Executive actuarial support

Phenox Consultants offers you executive actuarial support, such as preparatory work and memos for decision-making in board meetings, determining monthly (policy) coverage ratio and cost-covering premiums and the execution of the feasibility study, the indexation policy and mortality experience studies. The preparatory memos will subsequently be discussed with the advisory actuary. This will result in a focused and efficient advisory cycle. We will also gladly take care of any report obligations, such as annual reports and periodical reports to the DNB. We will also determine the technical facilities, cost-covering premium and the (Minimum) Required Capital.

Pension Office

Phenox Consultants offers a full-service package including administration, governance, disbursement, meeting minutes, communication, helpdesk and support for your pension fund management. We offer the filling of board positions with experienced and certified directors. We will also take care of your pension and financial administration. You can outsource your pension office to us, for which we will completely supervise the transition to outsourcing to create a worry-free experience for you.

Pension fund certification

The certifying actuaries of Phenox Consultants are experts, independent and experienced with certifying privately managed funds and fully re-insured funds. We work efficiently, transparently and proactively. Our certifying actuaries are listed in the Public Register of Certifying Actuaries (Dutch: ORCA) and are naturally up-to-date with the latest financial assessment framework. Before we will present you with a certification proposal, we will coordinate the exact distribution of tasks with you. Efficient processes ensure a low price.


Pension fund liquidation

Are you, like many other funds, considering your future? As management, you are always responsible for the eventual transfer of obligations to another pension administrator. Phenox Consultants offers support for all parts of a liquidation process. From the preliminary study and drawing up and supervising the execution of the plan of action to drawing up the liquidation report as well as general communication. We provide both guidance for pension funds with obligations at their own cost as well as funds with a guarantee contract with an insurance company.

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